Luke K. (via email)

Posted on 09 Sep 2019

I am fascinated by your research into Grenglish. I was born and brought up in London, UK, originall…


Posted on 04 Sep 2019

This is wonderful and would be a shame to lose the cypriot/english language as spoken by that immig…

Christopher C.

Posted on 15 Aug 2019

I was born (1947) in London, to Greek Cypriot parents; for five years (from the age of 6 years till…

Cos Costs

Posted on 12 Jul 2019

Not sure if this has already been mentioned but when I was young:

The Sweet Shop = “sweetchitiko…

Pav masthi

Posted on 27 Jun 2019

Πιζινες/ πιζινες Μάν ( obviously business/ business man. The way it’s used has cultural connotation…


Posted on 26 Jun 2019

We're at the airport.
Unsure if this one has already been added... But

Husband just asked me i…

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Chris P

Posted on 22 Jun 2019

Stevie has got lots of these on YouTube / Facebook, so log all of those! Some he might have missed …


Posted on 22 Jun 2019

well its more the about the accent you can hear north london cypriot its very specific. I meet peop…

Sophia M

Posted on 21 Jun 2019

My mum was talking to my non-greek husband about Cyprus. On saying "Cyprus has many beautiful bitch…

Vasili Soteriou

Posted on 20 Jun 2019


Vasili Soteriou

Posted on 20 Jun 2019


Nicholas Nicou

Posted on 20 Jun 2019

Kori- in Greek you would refer to a close friend or family member who is female and saying that wor…

Gabriel (via twitter)

Posted on 11 Jun 2019

το κέττλο - kettle
μικκημάους - any form of cartoon
το ντάσπι - bin
η κούκκα - stove


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Sophia (via twitter)

Posted on 11 Jun 2019

Η γιαγιά μου λέει ότι πρέπει να 'cancellari' το ραντεβού της!

Yiayia at ATM/cash point: "Θέλω να…

Pav Mastihi

Posted on 08 Jun 2019

Οι αηρισς / the Irish (this is interesting because presumably my parents generation didn't know any…

Pav panayioti mastihi

Posted on 03 Jun 2019


Gory roughly translates as hey you or hey girl used when women address each other.


Terry Jacovides

Posted on 02 Jun 2019


This has always been one of my favourites, referring to an altercation where it's …

Pedro Demetriou

Posted on 01 Jun 2019


This has always been used by my family when referring to the breakfast table.

E.g. Na …

Andrew Demetriou

Posted on 31 May 2019

Nottis/Nottissa - Naughty (Male/Feminine)

What any of my older generation family say when one of…