Christopher C. (via email)

Posted on 09 Sep 2019

A good many years ago, in a pub near the old London docks, I heard some Greek sailors use a word th…

Peter Papacosta

Posted on 07 Jul 2019

I remember my yia yia when she tried to say thank you. It came out as thekyou

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Posted on 26 Jun 2019

My husband just came up with Nursa- nurse

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Angela N.

Posted on 25 Jun 2019

I'm so glad you're doing this. It's something I wanted to do, but didn't where to start or have tim…

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Posted on 23 Jun 2019

I have 2 brilliant words nobody knows about. They are probably worth about £1000 each. But you can …

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Dion Georgiou

Posted on 22 Jun 2019

To Mbaso - The bus
I Mbanka - The bank

Both terms that I heard my grandfather (born in Cyprus i…

Vasili Soteriou

Posted on 20 Jun 2019


Vasili Soteriou

Posted on 20 Jun 2019


Savvas Savva

Posted on 14 Jun 2019

When I came to England someone told me
Έβαλα τεπόζιτο για σπίτι και μετά κάτι έγινε και το έχασα …

Iacovos Neophytou

Posted on 11 Jun 2019

Πρόσεχε, εν πολλά κκράφτησσα τούτη.

- Be careful, she is very crafty / deceitful / untrustworth…

Polis L. (via twitter)

Posted on 11 Jun 2019

My grandma used to like going to the "marketa".

Oh, and my friend came up with "ξεκλάτσιαρε" to …

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Posted on 06 Jun 2019

Pyro'wex - Pyrex
As children my sisiter and I would laugh each time our mum use this word ’fefto …


Posted on 04 Jun 2019

My grandma is Cypriot and she grew up in London and when she cleans she would always tell me to go …

Kyri P

Posted on 31 May 2019

Do Basso - the bus
Karpeto - carpet
Do kitchin - kitchen
To keto - kettle

My mother came o…

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