Posted on 22 Jun 2019

well its more the about the accent you can hear north london cypriot its very specific. I meet people all over the country some younger and some older i am 52 and as soon as they speak english i can hear they are greek cypriot . for example the world 'Alright'or 'Already' is with a stronger pronounced A. Things like my friends would ask me why do you say 'turn the TV over' instead of switch it over. same i with the light 'open the light close the light' direct from greek. Or I would say 'Its bad the weather today' rather than 'The weather is bad today' 'its late the bus' rather than the bus is late not sure why. I guess its grammar or something. I would check in greek english words in a sentence and my mum would laugh Like 'Did you 'Negadose' my tea. Did you stir my tea. Or 'Eshi Harry Enfield' Bopse the 8 o clock in english. It can be so fast and random. It would be amazing to recognise the Middle Eastern , Venetian, influences on the language compared to modern Greek. How we say , Strada, Toro, Borta . How cypriots will put the 'n' sound at the end of words , like house , which i believe is from ancient greek when , the n sound at the end of words which actually end in . Greek Cypriot is so rich and has so many ways it can be spoken and has probably evolved and shifted more than any other dialect though the generations . There are still people who say 'lamne' and 'vounise do roots' he through the stone etc etc. Wonderful words like 'Mastapa' Is it 'Jisve' or an 'Impriki' .