Pav panayioti mastihi

Posted on 03 Jun 2019


Gory roughly translates as hey you or hey girl used when women address each other.

Technically, its the same term used in mainstream cypriot in Cyprus. But it is pronounced in a London accent, not like the greek κορη in the middle of an otherwise English conversation. Its a subtle difference. The same subtlety, does not exist when mencall each other ρε.

Its often used to code switch when speaking in english. For example:

'Oh Gory, i think your boyfriend is really nice'.

'Gory, do you wanna come with me to wood green so i can buy a dress for me cousins wedding'

'Gory, lets go to the French tonight' ( the French was a disco in a catholic church in the west end in the seventies)

Some Cypriot gay men call each other gory in an affectionate humorous way that challenges conventional assignments to gender, sexuality or something to that effect. Im not sure if this has become mainstream, but it shows how new words or expressions develop and that some take off whilst others don't.


The term gory-girls is also used to describe groups of girls who chat about girly things, as in the above examples, sometimes in a derogatative away implying that its all superficial. Interestingly, a term of endearment, is turned into something less flattering and possibly mysogenisic. ( eg, They are a right bunch of gory girls'