Pav masthi

Posted on 27 Jun 2019

Πιζινες/ πιζινες Μάν ( obviously business/ business man. The way it’s used has cultural connotations about how traditional Cypriots of my parents generation valued education in terms of how it helped you to transact business for material gain rather than valuing intellect)

Eg ´Ρε τόσα γραμματα που έμαθες τσάι εν ξερεις τιποτε. Eν εισαι πιζινες μαν.'

Φακκλαν ροουτ/ Falkland road (a street in harringay). I’d leave it to your imagination to work out how people saw humour in the Cypriot pronunciation)

Κους στρι / Goodge street ( a street and tube station in the west end where many Cypriots lived and worked from the fifties, so this was commonly used

Baking powder / for I beg your pardon. Not sure if this got into the mainstream but Its very funny

Ο Τασπιερης /the bin man or rubbish collector. (τασπιερηες in plural)

Ππιστιες / the cinema or picture house

H μης / miss world also used to describe the whole miss world contest eg εν να κατσουμεν σπιτι ποψε να δουμεν την μης στο τελευiσιο

Χολιτεη / holiday eg εν να παμε στην κυπρο για τα χολιτεη μας

Κλινεξ /tissue ( taking on the brand name Kleenex for all tissues)