Luke K. (via email)

Posted on 09 Sep 2019

I am fascinated by your research into Grenglish. I was born and brought up in London, UK, originall…


Posted on 04 Sep 2019

This is wonderful and would be a shame to lose the cypriot/english language as spoken by that immig…

Christopher C.

Posted on 15 Aug 2019

I was born (1947) in London, to Greek Cypriot parents; for five years (from the age of 6 years till…

Angeliggi E. (via twitter)

Posted on 05 Aug 2019

I’m sat here in Cyprus slowly descending into a food coma after being almost force fed for 3 days a…

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Posted on 26 Jun 2019

Greek Cypriots in New Zealand are very very few. There are more Greeks in Wellington but all those…

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Vasili Soteriou

Posted on 20 Jun 2019


Vasili Soteriou

Posted on 20 Jun 2019


Dionne Georgiou

Posted on 20 Jun 2019

I found out recently that the "verico" grapes that are so lovely and juic…


Posted on 19 Jun 2019

Being born and raised in the uk, not london but manchester, i was good friends with georgiou s moth…


Posted on 15 Jun 2019

Letta (singular), lettes (plural) = lettuce
Stekki = steak
Beiko = bacon
Frizza = freezer
I ha…

Anastasis Tavropoulos

Posted on 12 Jun 2019

Here's some Cypriot
Chiaera - Chair

Koutchises - to hit something (with a projectile) from Engl…

Pav Mastihi

Posted on 05 Jun 2019


The name of the band Halloumunati is a Grenglish name for a punk/ rebetiko…

Pav Panayioti Mastihi

Posted on 01 Jun 2019

Μαππος/ mop
Χουβα/ vaccume cleaner
Μιτρα/ meter (as in gas or Electric meter. Possibly not used n…