Posted on 26 Jun 2019

Greek Cypriots in New Zealand are very very few. There are more Greeks in Wellington but all those are from the mainland.

The few Greek Cypriots in New Zealand have arrived here after 1974 due to the invasion.

Those in the UK arrived more than a 100 years ago and at different times over that period, so they had time to establish the Grenglish.

I think some of the Grenglish that people are posting are used in Cyprus and are not real development of the Greek Cypriot community of the UK.

Just an example: Passaro ( I pass the ball etc..) everyone is using that in matches in Cyprus, same as skoraro (to score)

There is also the fact that Cyprus was a British colony so a lot of Grenglish was actually developed in Cyprus from 1878 to 1960.

So you might need to do a little bit of weeding just to keep the dictionary to pure Grenglish.

Keep up the good work.

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