Pav Panayioti Mastihi

Posted on 01 Jun 2019

Μαππος/ mop
Χουβα/ vaccume cleaner
Μιτρα/ meter (as in gas or Electric meter. Possibly not used now as people no longer have meters with coins at home
Σεντρα χιττι (central heating) an aunt once confused this with finchley central and asked for a bus fair to central heating
Φισλεη σέντρα/Finchley central pronounced fishley
Το ταητ/soap powder taken from the brand name tide though may not be used that much any more
Φέρι λικουι/ washing up liquid taken from the brand name fairy liquid
Tο ρουφ/roof
To ττελεβισιο/tv
Το σεσπουρι/sainsburys
Μαξεσπνσε/ marks and Spencer’s
Το σιλι/ sealing
To πποστοφι/ post office
Ο ακκαουντας/accountant
η νερσα/nurse
Χολιτεη/ holiday
Σισαη/sea side
Ππαρκ/park ( as in a green space not to park a car)
To ππαρκουη/ little park
To ππαρκι/ parking (as in to park a car or a car park)
Το ττοηλε/toilet
Η αμπούλα/ambulance
Κκαπουτι/ Cup of tea
Το καανσελ/ the council ( as in local authority). You can guess council tax from here
Φισιατικο/ fish and chip shop
Ο φαχτορας/ the factory owner ( a more interesting derivative from the above)
Ο μανιτσιας, η μανιτσερενα/ manager in masculine and feminine
Αρτιστας/a /artist In masculine and feminine
Η φινισια/ the finisher (who finishes off factory made dresses with a bit of hand stitching). Pronounced finisha
Οι ττετι ποης or ττετοιες/ teddy boys, a youth subculture from the fifties or early 60s. But also used colloquially by old time UK Cypriots to derogativly describe anti social young people or those who did not conform the rules of society
Το τασπι/dustbin
Μανκης!/μάνκιες/ monkey and monkeys. (Note how the plural takes on the structure of a Greek plural)
Οι ππιστιες/ the cinema, deriving from picture house
Μανετσιας & μανiτσερενα ( note how the feminine takes on the structure of Greek female plural
Πιζη/ busy
Ισουριας/insurance (σ pronounced sh)
Χρυστοφα/ Christopher ( interestingly my parents never called their grandson Χριστόφορος , but somehow grenglishified it to this even when talking in greek)
Τσιπρτσια/ Georgia (same principle with my niece, they never called her Γεωργία)
Γουργος/ Woolworths ( a cheap department chain that no longer exists. Also known as the εξαπεννι, because at one time everything cost 6 pence)
Κκαρι/ obviously curry but the plural for curries, κκαρκα, is hilarious in the way it takes on the Greek form of the plural
Τσιππικον/ cheap and also used for poor quality
Η μις/miss world
Οι κκινκισσα/ the kinky woman ( not sure if this ever took off, but that’s the nickname my dad gave to Vivienne Westwood, whom he made bespoke handmade shoes for in his capten tow workshop)
Ττερπαλλεην/ turn park lane ( as a child this made me think it was Turk park lane)

I wrote this random collection of words as and when they entered my head, not in any order. As dialects change over time, some of these terms may have died along with my parents generation, whilst others are still around. When words like ττελεβοσιο for tv are more obvious, I offer no explanation. But I try for the less obvious ones like ττετιες.Have no idea of how to spell, but usually with harsh p t k etc sounds in Cypriot, I used ππ ττ κκ to emphasize the harsher sound that does not exist in standard Greek. I’m Mildly dyslexic so there may be a few typos despite after checking several times.