Andy P

Posted on 05 Jul 2019

Hari Pak Lane
Some kind of Cypriot malfunction when trying to say Turnpike Lane but morphing it wi…


Posted on 12 Jun 2019

My Yiayia and Bapoo use the Gringlish word ‘hoteli’ for ‘hotel’ rather than the standard Greek word…


Posted on 11 Jun 2019

Unbisteftable - blend of unbelievable and 'abistefto'
Blondissa - blonde woman
Chigoui - as in 't…

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Pav Mastihi

Posted on 08 Jun 2019

Οι αηρισς / the Irish (this is interesting because presumably my parents generation didn't know any…

Pav Panayioti Mastihi

Posted on 03 Jun 2019

Οι πιτλοι/ the Beatles ( the band, not the insects)

Ο ποηφρε/ boyfriend

Η κεηφρε/ the girlfr…