Pav Panayioti Mastihi

Posted on 03 Jun 2019

Οι πιτλοι/ the Beatles ( the band, not the insects)

Ο ποηφρε/ boyfriend

Η κεηφρε/ the girlfriend

ΚKεντρο/ kettle (note that this version used in my family is different from κετλο that may have been more commonly used)

Κουναη/ goodnight

Απετσιου/ i bet you

Νοττης & νοττισα / naughty (boy / girl)

Ππαλμερς κρικ or palmers greek/ palmers green (this may be borderline gringlish . Unlike other examples its a deliberate mistake that humorously acknowledges that many Greeks live in palmers green. Its also sometime used in the same way in mainstream english, by english people who know the greek demografics of the area

Ππεσσιον and πεσσιονας/ pension and pensioner

Φακκι /swearing

In the context of this example. Two grenglish sisters having a row in English, calling each other and f**ing this and an f**ing the other. Mum comes along and slaps them, shouting ‘Τουτο το φακκι εν να σας το κοψω. Εν εν καλά τουτα τα λογια που λαλιτε’. Unintentionally, through the mother’s bad English, it hilariously implies an attempt to stop sexual relations instead of swearing

Φακκι παστας / f**ing b****
Eg εισαι φακκι παστας σαν τον τσιρι σου

Πεννα οr πεννες / penny or pence ( in Cyprus they had/have different monetary units γρόσια before and now σεντς.