Posted on 11 Jun 2019

Unbisteftable - blend of unbelievable and 'abistefto'
Blondissa - blonde woman
Chigoui - as in 'theleis ligon chigoui na faeis?'
Rezilz - Gringlish for 'rezilikin'
Nagatch - Gringlish for 'anakatcho'
That's a proper 'andro' - androbi'
Mish - (Mishi-mou). As in, 'he scored 10 goals mish'
Kabejis - Someone who sells 'cabbage' (excess cloth from cuttings in the rag trade)
Levendz - 'He's a levendi'
Tsillz - 'Bastardised from the Greek word for cigarette. As in 'do you have a tsillz'?
Stedz - 'Bastardised from the Cypriot word for grandmother - 'Stedde' . As in, 'i'm going to my stedz for dinner'

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