Posted on 14 Apr 2021

*busso / bus - at a guess there were not many buses in rural Cyprus when people left in the 1960s and earlier

* also the word mahala appears in the vocab of mainland Greeks (see Δυο πονηροί μου 'καναν μπλόκο & Pera Stous Pera Kambous songs).

*When I watch Χάλκινα Χρόνια on RikSat, I understand 100% of what they say -we speak it at home.

Ton electrismo - the electricity

f'kale mia pictcha - take a picture (photo)

Tin prinda - the printer

To inderne - the internet

To ashtri - ashtray (tasaki)

To roundabao - the roundabout

Tin boila - the boiler

To sentrahitti - the central heating

To rathiade - the radiator

To dubbogleze - the double glazing

To me'zarri tep - the measuring tape

To washi-mashi - the washing machine

Ton funno - the air fan

To carpetto - the carpet

To toile - the toilet

To soupa-margge - the supermarket

To chiggi - the chicken

To kitchi - the kitchen

Tin freeza - the freezer

Tin hoova - the vacuum cleaner (Hoover)

To televisho - the television

Hum-boor-ga - hamburger

b-m-dum-bloo-you - BMW

Mer-sen-dez - Mercedes

A Portuguese person - Portougezos (Portogalos)

A Swiss person - swi-the-zos

To unde-graow - the underground transport tube network

Parmers Gree - Palmers Green

Fishley - Finchley

Wood Gree - Wood Green

Southgay - Southgate

Fishbury Pak - Finsbury Park

Ter-pak-lay - Turnpike Lane

To shoppi - the shopping

To microway - the microwave

To seeli - the ceiling (davani)

To shaowa - the shower

Ti sosijja - the sausage

Panado - paracetamol (Panadol)

To cownso - the local council

....Non-Gringlish words in a world of their own

Ton uparron - the ironing board

Ton uparron/tous upparrous - the horse(s) (aloyo)

Tin kapira - the toast (toasted bread)

To armari - the cupboard/wardrobe (from the Italian?)

Tin motorra - the motorcycle

To lastiho - the hosepipe (from rubberband)

To papaouri - the priest

Hartomeni (pulral & fem.) - engaged to be married

Similla - skewer / knitting needle

...and when in Germany - sfihten bihten (sfikse mpikse)

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