Maria T

Posted on 31 Jul 2019

Gayfre- girlfriend

meshini- washing machine


Posted on 03 Jul 2019

Gayfren.... girlfriend 😂 that's what my father in law said tonight 😂😂😂

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Posted on 30 Jun 2019

Hoping some of these qualify. Some of these relate to the fish and chip business my parents ran. Do…

Sodoulla Georgiou

Posted on 19 Jun 2019

Coumpania- company
Mangerena - female managere
Choccolades - chocolates
Gayfren - girlfriend

Pav Panayioti Mastihi

Posted on 03 Jun 2019

Οι πιτλοι/ the Beatles ( the band, not the insects)

Ο ποηφρε/ boyfriend

Η κεηφρε/ the girlfr…