Posted on 25 Jan 2020

This is a homage to my grandad/papou

Sheppi Bou = Shepherd's Bush
Wemblay = Wembley
Wimblido =…


Posted on 19 Jun 2019

Deposito = Deposit ( προκαταβολή)
Boxy = Box
Chaera = Chair
Postagis = Postma…

George Charalambous

Posted on 19 Jun 2019

Κορνφλαϊ - Cornflakes (is used for any breakfast cereal)
Μικι Μαου - Mickey Mouse (used to descri…


Posted on 09 Jun 2019

Mickey Mouse = referred to all sort of cartoons/ animation on the TV.

Savvas Paphitis

Posted on 01 Jun 2019

Mickimouse: the word used by yiayia for literally EVERY cartoon tv show (whether it’s Disney or no…

Michael Lysandrou

Posted on 01 Jun 2019
Trafusga square
Umbulaa... ambulance
Mickey mouse..any cartoon
Korflaae...any …