I Stellou

Posted on 28 Jul 2019

Some contributions from my parents… 😊

Πάσο - bus

Κκόμφμο - fabric softener (ANY fabric softener), stemming from the well-known brand Comfort.

Χούβα – ANY vacuum cleaner, stemming from the brand Hoover

Ριμό κκοτρό - remote control

Ράουνταπάου - we all know this one :D

Ατρέσα - Address

Νότισσα - naughty/misbehaved girl
Νόττις - naughty/misbehaved boy

Ιντιάνικο/ος/η – Indian

Όριντσια (“Oringa”) – orange squash

Να τσιακκάρω – to check

Πιζινάρης – businessman

Σιέφης – chef

Παρπέρης – barber (although this one is very widely used in Cyprus)

Μεσίηνι (“meshini”) – washing machine

Τσίπικο (“chippiko”) – cheap (e.g. en telia chippiko touto)

Τρολλούι – shopping trolley

Μάϊκκο-ουέϊ (“mico-way) – microwave :S