Posted on 21 Jun 2019

ti sidiroo = sitting room

to kichi

brettez = breakfast

sossinja = sausage

aiscri = ice cream

......there are many more which I reckon you already have....trying to think of unusual ones....will have a few more when I go back to the UK in the summer.

Interesting to note how words form new genders eg masculine kitchen and feminine sitting room. ....o mappos, i posta, i sozinja, i marketta.....
Origins: I believe many words were derived from the fact that Cypriots
abroad were getting older, losing their hearing and some of their teeth which must have affected pronunciation.
Also when you're in a hurry to learn a language, you tend to grab at communication and say the nearest replica to the original, hoping to get by as there are a million other things you have to worry about.

By the way, if you need an assistant with editing, I'd be happy to help! RSVP. ☺