Eleni Papageorgiou

Posted on 19 Jun 2019

Mapo = mop
Postaris= to post something
Smixis= mix together
Paso= bus
Ketlo= kettle
Sakari= to fire/sack someone
Parkaris= to park (your car)
Fishadiko= fish and chip shop
Mickie mouse= cartoons
Kleenex= tissues
Pampers= nappies
Cornflakes= cereal
Pilli= bill
Pasketa= basket
Chocolatata= chocolate
Jacketa = jacket
Shoppi= shopping
Televisio= television
Bookaris= to book something
Marketta= market
Boxia= boxes
Brassiere= bra
Bbc= British born Cypriot
Cbbc= Cypriot born British citizen
Kori girl= a female British born cypriot who stereotypically uses kori as a term of endearment to her other female British born Cypriot heritage friends
Lesh= short for leshi someone or something that is dirty or unhygienic
Noxi = no and oxi
Movaro= to move
Carpeto= carpet
Chakaro= to check
Steakia= steaks(plural)
Chequi= cheques
Freeza= freezer
Kaik= cake
Chicki= chicken
Lampa= lamp
Cato= cat