Petro N (via twitter)

Posted on 11 Jun 2019

I was about write to you & complain. But I had no "στάμπα" to put on the letter, so I was going to go to the "ποστοφισ" and send it "ρετζιστερ". But the "ποστατζι" said it won't get there until Tuesday as its "πανκχολιτεΐ"

"... αλλά δεν είχα "σταμπα" για να βάλω πας το γράμμα, τζαι πρέπει να πάω στο ποστοφις...

My favourite is "ππαντρούι"

And I like "μασσίνκλινα" - but that's a London one for sure.

Tagged: West, Midlands