Posted on 19 Aug 2019

Πενταδακτιλο μΣ


The last καφενέ in Harringay closed down a few months back and they’ve just started demolishing it. They say it’s gonna become a new tacos bar. Έτσι λαλούν. Ποτσινα τα Μεξικανικά. But I donno if it’s κότσομπολιον though or what?

Sad as this kind of symbolises the end of the old harringay for me. But the chances are that I’ll be enjoying the σπανιολικα or whatever τα λαλούν. Εν ωραία τα κυπραιηκα, μαλλa αρέσκοουν μου τσάι νακκο τα multicultural.

Aug 2019

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